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“Songs For Wyatt” is Jessica Stone’s third release, and her first foray into children’s music. Inspired by the joyful experience of sharing music with her toddler son, Wyatt, Jessica decided to record the songs that are most meaningful to the two of them during this chapter. Having spent the prior two years listening to a wide assortment of children’s music, Jessica strived to make a record that would be as pleasing for the parents to listen to (for the 50th time!) as for the toddlers. Read More

Smartly, she enlisted the help of the multi-talented producer/guitarist David Dans to help bring the project to life. The result is a combination of rollicking up-tempo tunes rich with harmonies, percussion and delightful guitars including “The Fox,” “Froggy Went A Courting,” “The ABC Song” and “A Ram Sam Sam” interspersed with sweet, sparse lullabyes which are deftly arranged and feature an emotional authenticity that can only be achieved through a mother’s love for her child – check out “For Baby,” “Godspeed (Sweet Dreams),” “St. Judy’s Comet,” “The Water Is Wide” and “Go To Sleep” . The surprise hit on this record, however, is delivered by two-year-old Wyatt himself. The ABC Song is a can’t-miss, and a favorite of both children and parents alike. Collapse

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